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Bloomington, MN Canon CopiersYou can obtain counter readings from your current copier.  If not, just calculate how many reams of paper you use.  Each ream is 500 pages – so one ream per week is roughly 2,000 pages per month.

Determine Your Monthly Volume

Before you get too far in your efforts to purchase a copier for your business, you need to determine one import factor – your monthly volume.

Knowing your monthly volume can help you find the right copier, at the right price.  Underestimating your volume will result in buying a copier that is “too small” for your needs, and will cost more in the long run.  Overestimating and buying a copier that is “too big” for your needs will cause you to spend more money on your purchase than you need.

Don’t Make It Complicated!

There are many ways to determine your monthly volumes, and many dealers would love to do an “assessment” or “audit”.  This is very valuable information, but sometimes it can take up to 30-60 days to execute and obtain the information you need.

A very simple way to determine your monthly volume is to think in “reams of paper”.  This is pretty easy for everyone, as we can see how many reams or boxes of paper we have,  or how often we order it.  Each ream of paper has 500 pages.  So, if you can count the number of reams per month – you multiply by 500 and you have your number!

Let Us Help Find You A Copier!

Describe your copier needs below and we will quickly match you with a few copiers that fit your needs and budget.  You can then compare them, obtain further information, or test them to see what the best match will be.

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