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Bloomington, MN Canon CopiersMost businesses utilize copiers in the range of 20-50 pages per minute.   Copier speed is relative to monthly volume.  The higher your monthly volume, the higher speed you’ll need to keep up with the workload.

Higher Speed is Higher Price

Everyone usually wants faster, better, cheaper.  In the world of copiers, usually, the faster your copy or print speed, the more expensive the copier.

Think about what you use your copier for.  Do you copy large jobs, in the hundreds of pages?  Or do you do small 3-7 page copy jobs?

If you are doing smaller copy jobs, you may not be getting the full value when you opt to purchase a higher end fast copier.  Most businesses choose a copier that is between 20-50 pages per minute.  It is rare to go slower than that, with today’s technology.  Going above the speed of 50 pages per minute is typically reserved for high-demand environments, with large jobs or a high number of users.

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