Copier Terminology

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Bloomington, MN Canon CopiersDoes your copier need an ADF?  What about saddle stitch or mailboxes?  Knowing the terminology can ensure you get the features you want, and not the ones you’ll very rarely use

Common Terminology and Definitions

  • ADF – Automatic Document Feeder.  A device that automatically feeds multiple sheets to be copied or scanned.
  • Booklet – The process of arranging the pages on duplexed documents so that appear i nthe correct order when folded in half.
  • Buy-out – The amount owed at the end of a lease agreement in order to own the copier outright.
  • Clicks – Pages produced on the copier.  100 clicks would mean 100 copies made.
  • CPC – Cost Per Copy.
  • Duplex – Refers to the abilityt to print or copy on both sides of a sheet of paper.
  • LCF – Large Capacity Feeder.  An extra large paper tray that sits along the side of the copier.
  • MFP – Multi Function Printer.
  • TCO – Total Cost of Ownership.

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